Close Personal Protection

Tom Hughes, USSS Presidential Protection in front of Residence at White House.

Thomas F. Hughes, II

The Close Personal Protection management and operatives of Valoriant Safety, LLC base every decision on the input offered by the Operations Manager and Senior Security Consultant to Valoriant, Thomas F. Hughes, II, United States Secret Service Presidential Protective Division, Retired.

Few can equal Hughes’s extensive background in law enforcement, counterterrorism, and close personal protection. There is nothing simple about protecting the lives of United States Presidents, Vice Presidents and their families, dignitaries like Pope John Paul II, or stars like Miranda Lambert or Steve Tyler.

Close personal protection at that level requires a 360° approach to security. Every possible scenario is studied in detail, long before the VIP takes his or her first step. Travel routes, vehicles, exit strategies, medical evacuations, and protective detail personnel are set, reviewed and briefed, over and over. Contingency plans are made. Local law enforcement and first responders are brought into the closely held loop.

During Hughes’s tenure at the Secret Service, the agency was renowned for its close personal protection ability. Valoriant Safety designs its personal protective services with a degree of detail, planning, preparedness and training of operatives that is often compared to the agency.

Valoriant Safety clients rely on the meticulous intelligence, keen observation and absolute confidentiality the company provides. Our advance professionals conduct site surveys, liaison with local law enforcement and other first responders, discuss and establish threat assessment levels.

We communicate directly with the protectee and/or the protectee’s manager to understand and support the goals we set together and the measures we have put into service.

From before the trip to the return home, your time is your time, to spend your way. Your safety does not have to interfere with living your life. We are here to make that vision your reality.

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