Education & Training

At its heart, Valoriant Safety is an education company comprised of security professionals who understand that the best defenses against any danger are knowledge and preparation.

Valoriant Safety is no stranger to your most difficult learning challenges. Our professional trainers prepare you to assess and address almost every possible security concern. Valoriant’s team has experience in all risk levels of security from minimum risk retail, to medium hazard counter-terrorism simulations, to the high stakes protection of Presidents and Vice Presidents of the United States. That’s the depth of knowledge that Valoriant trainers and facilitators put to work for you.

We offer a wide curriculum of accelerated and standard seminars and educational programs to individuals, businesses, school systems, hospitals, government agencies and anyone concerned with personal, group, or asset-based safety and security.

Courses include training in the following topics:


  • Situational Awareness
  • Basic Travel Awareness
  • High-Risk Travel / Living and Working in Hostile Environments
  • Active Shooter Preparation and Avoidance
  • Hostile Incident Survival
  • Living and Working with Close Protection Details
  • Surveillance Awareness
  • Cultural Sensitivity
  • Self-Defense and Flee Reflex Awareness
  • Accident and Emergency Response Planning
  • Weather Event Survival
  • Structural or Vehicular Fire Survival
  • Residential Security and Family Emergency Preparedness Training
  • Personal Safety
  • Hostage Survival Skills
  • Media Safety in Dangerous Environments
  • Terrorism Threat Assessment
  • Terrorist Activity Response
  • Cyber Security for Teens and Pre-teens
  • Cyber Security for Adults
  • Cyber Security in the Workplace
  • First-aid and Medical Evacuation Planning
  • Profiling Potentially Dangerous Co-Workers
  • Defensive Driving and Route Selection
  • Interpersonal Skillsets and Style Matching / Blending into Crowds
  • One-on-One Firearms Training, Basic through Expert

Valoriant Safety also customizes training seminars and programs to the needs of our clients. If your area of concern is not included here, please call or email us to discuss your requirements with Tom Hughes or another advisor.

Plans, Preparation and Written Documentation Services

Like the most revered international security agencies, Valoriant Safety recognizes the roles of training, education and preparation as they secure their protectees from potentially dangerous situations around the world.

When you, your company or organization evaluate and plan for potential threats, the first step is Risk Assessment. Valoriant’s security experts analyze and research every situation. They ask questions, observe, take notes and draw sketches. Our advance planner teams examine every facet of your situation to determine potential areas of security weaknesses, strengths, knowledge and capabilities. Using proven security procedures, our team determines risk hazards and your potential exposures.

Danger comes from many corners, ranging from natural threats like earthquakes, floods or tornadoes, or posed by man-made factors, including political or civil insurrections. When you find yourself threatened, your safety depends on what you know and the survival skills you have learned.

Valoriant Safety’s job begins long before you need us.