Ongoing Consulting

Valoriant Safety is your partner in prevention, planning and preparedness.


Our company’s goal is to maintain a presence in your planning, training and education, to try to ensure that your greatest fears never overtake you.


We offer tune-up and reintroduction classes, re-evaluations and assessments, lists of preferred providers for emergency mitigation, like flooding or fire, and customized training for unique situations like high-risk travelers.


After our initial involvement, or even years of training and education, our team remains available to answer or address any new safety concerns that you may observe or may arise without your knowledge.


With your permission, Valoriant Safety will email up-to-the minute security enhancements that you can employ on your own. We will never sell or distribute your email address to anyone. That would violate your security and the trust between us.


Our team of senior consultants and authorized agents has been contracted with only one thing in mind: Your long-term safety. We take that commitment seriously. It’s a matter of honor.


Feel safer now. Call us. +1 469.362.1423. Initial consultations are entirely confidential and they are always a free service of Valoriant Safety, LLC.