Security Planning

We understand. It’s never fun to meet with the insurance salesman. It causes us to contemplate our own mortality. Many people think about security planning that way.


They shouldn’t.


Unlike life insurance that pays off when the insured dies, security planning pays off when the training and education result in a happy ending for everyone.


When a person is placed under abnormal stress, he or she will do as the person has been taught. Remember the fire drills you had as a kid in school? That’s security planning. It taught you how to survive by leaving a burning building calmly and safely. Fire drill after fire drill, you learned the right way to escape through repetition.


Security planning allows business, school, municipal and venue leaders and management to analyze the threats and weaknesses that require strong security measures. From fires to natural disasters, active shooters to bomb threats, Valoriant Safety plans the best alternatives for a secure conclusion. We point out the soft underbelly that makes a building or event vulnerable, and we consult with those who are in charge of the well-being of everyone to eliminate problems before they become stories on the late news.


Valoriant will assign to your project one or more consultants who are experienced in creating safe and secure environments.


According to the Insurance Information Institute, as many as 40% of businesses involved in natural or man-made disasters never reopen.


Other research reveals that nearly two-thirds of businesses do not have an emergency preparedness plan in place.


Valoriant’s written plans include, at a minimum:


  • Risk assessment of current safety procedures to determine if the basics of survival (Evacuation, Shelter, Shelter-in-Place and Lockdown) are in place.
  • Review the foundation documents for points of entry and escape, code compliance and exit door security, resulting in hazard avoidance and removal.
  • Recommendations for changes to strengthen safety measures already in place and to implement new plans, with administration levels.
  • Identify escape routes, hiding places and counter-threat action steps.
  • Coordinate with local authorities to stabilize the situation and to maximize cooperation and success.
  • Determine who holds CPR qualifications and lay out routes to nearby medical facilities.
  • Work with law enforcement to estimate response times, allowing Valoriant Safety to formulate plans that put bad guys at a disadvantage.
  • Determine and address areas of special response, for example, classrooms containing special education students who might require additional assistance in an emergency situation.
  • Damage assessment and containment practices.
  • Create a warning system. In-house communication that conveys silent or coded messages to authorities and other employees.
  • Evaluate sprinkler systems, generator installations (if any), and toxic and flammable substance storage.
  • Create a permanent list of employees and install a visitor identification system if one is not present.
  • Establish supplies for shelter-in-place situations, in case of weather, chemical, nuclear or other imminent threats during which it is safer to remain inside.
  • Business continuation planning.
  • Employee relocation and assistance planning.
  • IT Disaster Recovery.
  • Salvage safety plans.
  • Final corrective action recommendations.


Valoriant Safety’s Security Plans are designed to:


  • Prevent loss of life or property.
  • Fall within the operational parameters and vision of the people, businesses, organizations and communities that entrust us with their safety.
  • Define the responsibility of everyone in authority during an emergency, so that each task is clearly understood and perfectly executed without hesitation.
  • Protect the human and property resources covered by the plan.
  • Minimize interruptions to daily life.
  • Safeguard the reputation of a brand or person.
  • Create systems to store and protect the steps taken by the organization to mitigate safety concerns before a disaster occurs.
  • Create a written reference that guides all preparedness and future training and education.


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